Service Rates

Major Languages (Translated and Reviewed by Native-Speakers)

Japanese Chinese (SCH) Chinese (TCH)
English (UK) English (US) Russian
German French (Europe) French (Canada)
Spanish (Europe) Spanish (LA) Portuguese (Europe)
Portuguese (Brazil) Italian  

Other Languages (Translated and Reviewed by Native-Speakers)

산정기준 : 원본단어
Source Language
Greek Dutch Nepali
Norwegian Dari (Afghanistan) Danish
Latvian Latin Romanian
Lithuanian Macedonian Malay
Baltic Burmese (Myanmar) Vietnamese
Belarusian Bengali (Bangladesh) Bosnian
Bulgarian Serbian Swahili (Africa)
Swedish Slovak Slovenian
Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) Arabic Armenian
Irish Albanian Estonian
Urdu (Pakistan) Uzbek Farsi (Persian)
Indonesian Czech Kazakh
Catalan Croatian Khmer (Cambodia)
Kirghiz Tagalog (Philippines) Tamil (Sri Lanka)
Thai Turkish Tetum (East Timor)
Polish Finnish Hungarian
Hebrew (Israel) Hindi (India)  
* For languages not listed, please contact us for more information.
* A discounted rate applies to large volume translations.
* Service rates are subject to change due to level of difficulty, file format, necessary editing, and level of quantity. Please contact us directly for a more accurate quote and timeline.