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Article 1 (Service Request and Payment)

eCHOICE (hereafter referred to as "A") will refer to registered translators and language experts (hereinafter referred to as "B") through appropriate verification procedures based on the recruitment and selection regulations of internal translators.
The date, time, and frequency of submissions, such as translation, language, and editing services, are subject to the internal rules and regulations of "A".

Insofar as “A” requests language-related work deemed appropriate to “B” and receives a complete and appropriate product from “B”, “A” shall pay the service charge (as notified at the time of registration or later notified or agreed upon) in the following month of the date of completion. However, the payment date of the service charge may be changed according to the agreement of both parties.

Article 2 (Service Acceptance and Delivery of Complete Translation)

“B” shall accept services commissioned by “A” according to his or her circumstances but shows a responsible and professional manner in trying his or her best not refuse it for personal or unreasonable reasons, and “B” takes responsibility for the quality, delivery dates, and measures for future claims regarding service requests accepted from “A”.  

Article 3 (Confidentiality)

"B" shall be obligated to maintain confidentiality in accordance with the confidential level of the document commissioned by "A". The confidentiality grade of the document referred to by "A" is classified from grade 1 to grade 3 according to the level of importance. Even if there is an indication of confidentiality level at the time of project submission, or if there is none, if the confidentiality notice is given, “B” must follow the pre- and post-processing guidelines for the document. The pre- and post-processing guidelines should be in accordance with the explicit instructions of "A", but if there are no specific instructions, “B” shall not maintain possession of the document in any form, including the permanent deletion from the work PC.

If there is no mention of confidentiality grades and security matters from "A", "B" shall be act in accordance with the business practices of "A" so as not to leak any document. Even if it is deemed necessary to maintain the purpose of the transaction with the “A” in the future, unless a consensus has been reached between “A” and “B”, in principle, all files including the original files must be permanently deleted from the PC and not saved in any form.

"A" shall not disclose any personal information of "B" or any information obtained during the transaction in conformity with the confidentiality obligations of "B" above, nor shall it be used for commercial or malicious purposes without the consent of "B".

Article 4 (Prohibited Communication)

"B" shall not be able to communicate with clients of "A" who may be known or who were known during the course of the transaction between "A" and "B". In case of necessity, “B” must receive explicit permission from “A”. In the nature of the freelancer, "B" may provide services to companies other than "A", but in no case shall it be possible to mention the facts of translation jobs or contents with "A" or specific transaction results without the permission of “A".

Article 5 (Liability)

"A" must be faithful to "B" in all the necessary actions that occur in the process of subcontracting and delivery of translations, and “B” shall respond to claims that may be raised by the client effectively and rationally. In the event that the product is received from “B”, the promised service charges and the payment date must be observed.

In the event that “B” is deemed not to have fulfilled the delivery, confidentiality, or noncompetitive obligations of the above-stated translation, or if "A" is likely to suffer material or mental harm resulting from the failure to fulfill such obligations, appropriate sanctions may be imposed on "B", depending on the severity of the damages incurred. The scope of sanctions includes the reduction of translations, requests for re-translation, and civil solidarity responsibilities as determined by consultation or by "A".
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